How to Refresh Your Brand this Fall

Sept. 27th 2023

We are quickly approaching Q4 of 2023, which means the holiday season will soon be upon us. For many business owners, this final quarter is also the most profitable period of the year, due to holiday shopping and end-of-the-year events. It’s important to stand out among customers and establish a strong brand identity for potential clients. Now that the fall season is here, let’s talk about a few ways you can update and refresh your brand for the coming months.

Refine/update your logo: Your logo is going to be the main way customers identify and recognize your brand. Does your current logo align with your company’s offerings? Does it need an update in font, brandmark, or even a completely new design?

     -Refresh your color palette: On a similar note, the new season is a great opportunity to switch up your color palette, whether that’s on your logo, social media feed, or graphics/marketing materials you use. The new season can be a fun time to switch to a more moody, darker color scheme, or think ahead to bright holiday colors for November/December.
     -Update your website and social media presence: When was the last time you updated your business’s website? Are there any photos that need to be swapped out? Any product links that are no longer active? Have any employees changed over the past few months? If your business needs an updated website or doesn't have one in general, don’t hesitate to contact White Studio for a full service web design!
     -Stock up on new product photos: If you haven’t updated your online presence in a while, odds are, you’ll need new photos to update it with. Consider stocking up on photos of your product offerings, staff, or even new graphics that align with your brand. These will help your website appear credible to customers and revive your social media presence.
     -Update your marketing materials: Last but not least, revisit your current marketing strategies and consider updating them based on your newly refreshed logo, color, website, and photos. This could mean new business cards, advertisements, signage, or even a new social media campaign. 
If you’re a restaurant with new fall menu offerings, consider getting the meals/drinks shot professionally and have these photos stocked up for marketing materials. For boutiques, salons, or other small businesses, consider offering a fall deal, updating your product images based on the season, or getting new headshots to show off your staff.

Quarter 4 can be a chaotic time for any business owner, but it can also be a time of high sales and an influx of new customers. In order to draw these customers in and maintain them in the future, take time for a fall refresh to establish your business as credible and approachable. 

Need help? White Studio offers a variety of marketing services, such as social media account management, product photography, headshots, and website design. Reach out to us through our contact form for more information!