How to Create an Engaging Email Signature

January 24, 2022

Let’s throw “sent from my iPhone” in the bin.

In its cardinal form, an email signature provides basic information about you (think: your name and phone number). When tailored, email signatures elevate your brand and engage clients.

Let’s leverage your signature.

Email Signature Basics

Keep it simple. Avoid overwhelming recipients with visual clutter. Instead, opt for a methodical design that guides viewers through pertinent information.

Don’t promote personal agendas. Speaking of relevant information, stay on task. Your email signature shouldn’t highlight personal social media profiles or business ventures, or you could appear double-crossing.

Build trust with a professional headshot. A well-taken portrait of you humanises your interactions so recipients are better apt to trust you and your vision for them. 

Stay on brand. Consider your signature an extension of your brand. Use fonts, colors and motifs that correspond with your brand’s identity kit. If you need help staying true-to-style, ask your staff’s graphic designer for insight, or allow an online generator to guide you through the design process.

Include an email address. You might think including an email address in your signature is redundant, but often, necessary pieces of information get buried beneath long email chains. Including yours within your signature can go a long way for others. 

Provide call-to-actions. Call-to-actions typically take the form of small graphics embedded with links. These links guide readers toward an action you’d like them to take, such as subscribing to your newsletter or sending consumer feedback. Call-to-actions emerge readers in new contexts, providing opportunities to extend your brand’s reach.

Optimize your signature. Ensure you save your signature — if it’s designed as an image — as a high-quality JPG. Then, send a test email to review on your monitor and mobile device.

How to Insert Your Email Signature 

Review these guides to set up email signatures manually on your preferred platform.

Signatures as a Tool for Building Relationships 

Now you know the basics, but you still might be wondering if we’re making much ado about nothing. Let’s look at the interpersonal benefits of an engaging email signature.

It’s Personal.

A sleek design and warm tone establish your credibility as a professional — and as a person.

Moreover, many of your clients may come to you as strangers, and email is the first step of their customer journey. Your signature is an opportunity to excel at a first impression with them. 

It Goes the Second Mile.

Attention to detail signifies care. An inexpensive relationship management tool, your signature can encompass your heart for customers simply because you invested time in it. 

It’s Marketing Genius.

Why waste a chance to share your company’s vision? An email signature with thoughtful call-to-actions is a lot like earning passive income. You’ve provided a way to learn more about your clientele’s experiences without giving much effort.

Call-to-actions commonly include links to the company’s social media profiles, reminders about events you’d like them to sign up for, or a chance to rate-and-review experiences.

It’s Professional.

Think of professional websites: they share high-quality graphics, contact information and links to social media. Your email signature functions in the same way.


Don’t have a professional headshot to use in your email signature? Don’t fret — just follow the tips below.


Polished portraits demand proper lighting. Stand in a shaded area near direct sunlight for a photo that is properly exposed and free of unflattering shadows. For example, face a window indoors, or stand in the shade, facing the sun, outdoors.


A clean, simple background is key. Neutral colors, such as ivory, white or tan work best. Avoid busy backgrounds with distracting imagery.

Hire a Professional

Tried our tips but still aren’t satisfied? Invest in a professional (we’d love to work with you!).

Signature Examples

  1.  Clean and Simple. This signature includes only a few pieces of content, but each is important and on task. It’s concise and clean. 

2. Social Showcase. Included here are call-to-actions as social media profiles. Note the signature abides by an obvious color palette. The signature is minimal and sleek.

  1. Promotional. An extension of the signatures above, this example includes a second form of call-to-action: a newsletter promotion. Note that this professional opted not to include a phone number. For high-profile professionals, phone numbers may pose a privacy risk. Create client boundaries where needed. 

4.  Just Text. Some professionals prefer to keep signatures incredibly simple. This example     

    demonstrates that basic signatures can still include essential details in a fresh way.

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